High Performance Meals & Soups, Proudly Made in New Zealand

How often do you find yourself standing in front of the fridge, scratching your head, wondering what you're going to rustle up for dinner?

We used to do that a lot. 

So we got together with some smart thinking chefs and came up with a range of meals we could be proud to serve up to our friends.

There’s no fancy tricks or production short cuts. Just good, honest, food when you’re not feeling inspired to take it on yourself.

We hope you enjoy the Tasty Pot experience.

Natalie & Andrew Vivian - Founders, husband & wife team

Our Promise. We will always:

Buy the freshest local ingredients

Use only natural ingredients like you would at home

Deliver fresh each week

Try to make you smile

Our Ambassadors

We're stoked to have a great bunch of elite athletes
on board the Tasty Pot journey.


Our Awards

We're pretty pleased to have had our hard work recognised by these guys:

Our Testimonials

Where to Find Us

Tasty Pot’s range of High Performance Meals & Soups are available in the chilled aisle of most good supermarkets and food markets nationwide in New Zealand.