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We're stoked to have a great bunch of elite athletes
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Damian McKenzie, NZ Rugby

Quick Questions with Damian McKenzie

Dream Big with Damian McKenzie

Kane Williamson, NZ Cricket

Kane Williamson's Top 3 Tips

Quick Questions with Kane Williamson

Tom Abercrombie, NZ Basketball

Quick Questions with Tom Abercrombie

Anita McLaren, NZ Hockey

Anita is one of New Zealand’s best female hockey players, playing in our national team from 2009 – 2018. She’s played 271 international matches and scored 105 goals!! She’s won a gold, silver and bronze medal at three different Commonwealth Games. Some fabulous achievements.

Together we’re going to work at supporting grass roots hockey with good nutrition.

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Tasty Pot’s range of High Performance Meals & Soups are available in the chilled aisle of most good supermarkets and food markets nationwide in New Zealand.